(The Rules and Procedures We Follow)


As a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), one of the largest and most recognized inspection societies in the United States, we proudly adhere to established Standards of Practice and a strict Code of Ethics. Standards of Practice (SOP) define exactly what we are obligated to inspect, as well as what we are not obligated to inspect, so you know exactly what your inspection fee will be covering (at minimum) before the inspection takes place. While we are only required to perform inspections in accordance with the standards, we typically go above and beyond the standards and inspect more than what’s required in order to provide exceptional customer service. We strongly encourage you to carefully review the SOP prior to your inspection. To review the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics in detail, please click on the links below:

InterNACHI Standards of Practice

Code of Ethics


When performing commercial property inspections, we adhere to the InterNACHI Commercial Standards of Practice (comSOP) as we feel these standards provide the most clear expectations and best service to our business clients. To review the InterNACHI commercial Standards of Practice, please click on the link below:

InterNACHI comSOP 


We perform annual home maintenance inspections in accordance with InterNACHI's SOP for Home Maintenance Checkups. To review the SOP, please click on the link below:

InterNACHI Home Maintenance Checkup SOP

If, after reviewing this information, any of the Standards of Practice we adhere to seem confusing or difficult to understand, please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification. We want to ensure you have a clear understanding of the inspection process and what you’re paying for prior to hiring us.