All of our premium home inspection clients RECEIVE MANY FREE PROTECTION PLANS. AT HPI WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Picture it… you’ve gone through the long, stressful process of buying your new home. You’ve jumped through all the hoops, dealt with all the headaches, negotiated, filled out all the paperwork, run all the errands, and have finally settled into your new home. The home inspection report, appraisal and seller’s disclosure have been addressed, and you feel like you’ve finally made it to the “finish line” and can relax. BUT, then something happens that you didn’t plan for and couldn’t see coming. At the time your home inspection was completed the roof wasn’t leaking, but a couple weeks after you’ve moved in a leak has suddenly formed. Your water heater that’s only 5 years old and had been working just fine has suddenly stopped working. Or maybe a sewage backup problem that wasn’t noticeable at the time of inspection has suddenly reared its head several weeks after you’ve moved in, leaving you with a major, unsanitary mess.

Anything can unexpectedly go wrong with a home at any time, and a home inspection is limited to a very short period of only a couple or few hours. If you find yourself in the awful position of moving in thinking you can rest at ease only to be surprised by an unexpected problem, what do you do? In most cases, you have no recourse. Your realtor, home inspector and other professionals who helped you through the home buying process are not liable for problems that arise after the fact. To complicate things even further, your homeowners insurance won’t cover repairs for many problems if they aren’t the result of natural disasters, theft or unforeseen “acts of God.” Without protection plans in place, you are on your own and must bear the full financial and emotional burden of having repairs made, which may be extremely costly!

That’s where our free 90-day Home Warranty and Protection Plans come into play! Most other inspectors offer NO protections of any kind, leaving you completely unprotected if problems arise after you’ve moved into your home. When you hire Hill Property Inspections, though, you can rest at ease knowing you are protected if problems arise, with little to no out-of-pocket cost! And you get all this protection, plus much more, for a very competitive price. It’s for this reason, among others, that we proudly proclaim that we offer the clear best value in home inspections in Western Pennsylvania. NO ONE has your back like HPI!