All home inspections include a 90-day home warranty & the SewerGard, MoldSafe and 5-year Platinum Roof Protection Plans free of charge!

Our water analysis tests for total coliform bacteria, E. coli, nitrates and nitrites, total dissolved solids, pH levels and lead. This covers all the criteria required or recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and a typical FHA or VA loan, and provides you with a good overview of your water’s quality and safety. We hand deliver our water samples to an approved laboratory to ensure detailed and accurate results, and we provide you with a report of the lab’s findings. You may only be required to have certain contaminants tested for, but we only offer this package as it ensures a more thorough analysis and meets or exceeds all state or lender requirements. Whether you are required to have your water tested or not, it is strongly recommended that you do for your family’s health and safety.

Click here for more information from the PA DEP.

Septic Dye Testing

If the property you’re purchasing has a septic system, it is crucial to have it inspected. Septic systems are responsible for disposing of household waste in a safe and responsible manner, and problems with a septic system can be extremely costly. The last thing you want is to purchase a property that has a septic system defect you aren’t aware of only to be saddled with a huge mess and a burdensome expense.

At HPI, we recommend that all clients purchasing a home with a septic system have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified septic contractor. Unfortunately, many septic systems are not properly maintained over the years and develop problems from lack of maintenance over time. For many, though, the expense of a full and invasive inspection is cost-prohibitive, and the septic dye test we offer is a good (and much less expensive) option. While a dye test is not a “complete” septic inspection, it does often reveal major system problems and is typically all that lenders require. We proudly offer this service at a great price to help give you peace of mind before buying a property with an on-site waste management system.


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Pest/Termite (WDO) Inspection: $90 ($75 with home inspection)
Septic Dye Test: $150 ($125 with home inspection)
Radon Gas Test: $175 ($150 with home inspection)
Well Flow Test: $125 ($100 with home inspection)
Water Analysis (Lab Tested): $200 ($175 with home inspection)

11th Month Warranty Inspection (for new homes): $275
Annual Home Maintenance Checkup: $200
Re-Inspection of Repaired Defects: $75

INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS/SYSTEMS (Roof, Structure, Deck, etc): $150